Micorr (Corrosion Monitoring)


Mobile In-Situ Corrosion (MiCorr) Monitoring Services


MICORR is an invention from Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP) with collaboration with Petrogroup Sdn Bhd as a solution relates to corrosion measurement system onsite, particularly a mobile corrosion measurement system to determine the fluid corrosivity from process stream

Problem Statement

Fluid corrosivity determination in laboratory setup is less accurate due to:

  • Stable and representative fluid are difficult to obtain at site + logistic
  • Simulated fluids produce in laboratory may lack of important species
  • Difficult to simulate field condition (pressure and temperature)
  • Not suitable for corrosion inhibitor optimization

What MiCorr Can Offer

  • Quick on-line real-time measurement for electrochemical properties of corroding surface (LPR corrosion rate), pH and dissolved oxygen (DO) in the actual pipeline
  • Capable of holding the pressure, temperature while preserving the water chemistry of process fluids from the pipeline
  • Flexible and mobile equipment for easy onshore/offshore field deployment

Potential Application

  • Identify potential corrosion problems in systems where no regular long term monitoring is available
  • Provision of data to establish corrosion mechanism and corrosion control options
  • Check availability of chemicals, inhibitor partitioning and distribution
  • Testing of chemicals
  • Optimization of existing chemical treatment programs, i.e. dose rates
  • Provision of data for corrosion rate modelling

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