The IPV1 is a remote open uni-directional barrier valve designed to be installed and run  as an integrated part of the completion string
or liner. This increases the efficiency of the  installation process. The IPV1 is predominately  used for remotely setting a packer and/or  providing tubing pressure tests during  completion deployment in any well condition.

The IPV1 doesn’t require any offshore  personnel & can be set up to the Operators specifications onshore or opening setting can easily be adjusted offshore if operations change prior to RIH. The IPV1 can also be configured to allow numerous pressure cycles prior to opening. The IPV1 incorporates Precision Oiltools patented equalisation feature, before remotely opening the valve. This saves the Operator from a pressure surge during opening process which is integral to ESP completions.

Upon opening, the IPV1 will provide the completion with Full Bore ID for any future well intervention required.

In addition to the built-in remote opening mechanism, a variety of opening options are available as a contingency. Full ID is always guaranteed after opening.

Technical Information:

Key Benefits:

  •  Auto fill when RIH
  • HPHT capabilities
  • Installed as part of completion
  • Remote open feature
  • Patented equalisation feature upon opening
  • No personnel required offshore
  • Debris tolerant
  • Low cost
  • Full BORE ID once open

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