We are partner with RigDeluge to supply the Award-Winning and Patented RigDeluge® Free Flow Adaptor™.


Free Flow Adaptor™ is a deluge nozzle filter designed to give filter protection for all deluge nozzles ensuring the risk of system failure through deluge heads blocking is reduced to as low as reasonably practical.

Invented to allow for free and sure flow through Patented and Patent Pending Technology on your Deluge System.

Added Value

It is a retrofit device which means there is no requirement for your system to be shut down to install this life-saving product, you can simply remove the current head, install the CFT™ Adaptor and this will instantly reduce the risk of the deluge head from failing to as low as reasonably practicable. As a retrofit device, it can be manufactured as a bespoke product to compliment our standard sizes where the client has special requirements. The product has been proven to operate in a 40-Year Old System in The North Sea at 100% efficiency with zero heads blocked, notably this was recorded for 4 years through 10 wet tests with no system flushing complete.

The CFT™ Adaptor will allow you to also go “DRY” and reduce your wet test regime due to its performance and reliability. It allows our clients the confidence the system will work the first time every time and the timeline between testing can be extended to three or even five years as the client sees fit.

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