The Casing Integrity Testing Tool (CITT) combines IPI’s inflatable packer technology with a multi-set packer tool chassis enabling operators to perform multiple casing integrity tests in a single trip. Its design features a steel reinforced inflatable packer element and a tool chassis fitted with an Auto Dump Valve (ADV), which was designed to allow for multiple inflation cycles and prevent premature inflation in the case of hydraulic unbalances across the workstring during deployment. The CITT can be deployed on workstring or coiled tubing, and it is inflated
hydraulically by increasing applied pressure. Once the CITT is set, mechanical integrity of the casing string can be tested by increasing applied pressure within the workstring annulus above the CITT.


  • Cased hole mechanical integrity testing
  • Temporary isolation for zonal stimulation
  • Blowout preventer (BOP) stack leak testing
  • High expansion retrievable thru-tubing pressure testing
  • Open hole injection testing


  • Multiple set capability
  • Maximum differential pressure rating of 5,000psi (workstring tensile limitations may apply
  • Temperature rating of 130°C/ 266°F
  • High expansion elements available for retrievable thru-tubing testing
  • Available in a wide range of sizes to cover for standard oilfield casing dimensions
  • ADV inflation valve for multiple controlled inflation sequences (Pat. Pending)
  • Deployed on workstring or coiled tubing
  • Fluid bypass option for bottom-end deflation available
  • Bridge plug zonal isolation not required for casing tests
  • Optional DuraGRIP surface finish technology for anchoring in severe conditions
  • Inflated hydraulically by increasing applied pressure without the need to move or rotate string, or change weight

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