In the completions applications, cable protector is used to maintain the downhole cable integrity for Permanent Downhole Gauge, Surface Controlled Substructure Safety Valve, Chemical Injection Valve, Electrical Submersible Pump and Intelligent or Smart Well System.

Petroclamp cable protector offers the well-engineered downhole cable protection system for all the downhole cable applications either in the single or dual completions system.

Downhole cables can be crushed or pinched in between the production tubes and casing especially when it is on the low side. Petroclamp Universal Cable Protectors are the patented All-Cast Cable protectors that can be run for both Single and Dual Completions which will give the best downhole cable protection. It is designed and tested as per industry standard. The all-cast design make the protectors design load high enough to stand the installation loads and production loads.

The protectors are designed and built to ensure that all control lines and cables are protected for the full length of the production string in the completions. Petroclamp protectors extend the run life, functionality and operability of all downhole equipment by protecting downhole cable from crushing or abrasive forces during installation of the completion string. Without this protection, damage to the control line and cable can lead to premature malfunction or failure of the completion.

Continual design evolution of these protectors ensures that installation and removal of the protectors is simple and quick. When used with a pneumatic installation kit and installed in approximately 20 seconds. The fastening mechanism is self-locating, which minimizes the potential for thread damage.

Petroclamp offers wide range of cross coupling and mid-joint cable protectors from 2-3/8” to 7 in single, dual and universal protectors. The protectors come for all type of slot and coupling configurations for bare, encapsulated flatpack, ESP cables with flatpack or round. We can also customize your requirement should the standard configurations do not fit your requirement and if there is a need to run your downhole cable across the OD of the completion equipment with the sharp square shoulder.


  1. Completions with Surface – Controlled, Subsurface safety vaives
  2. Completion with permeant downhole gauges
  3. Chemical Injection Mandrel Installation


  1. Design supports the control line and cable rather than physically gripping them
  2. Prevents axial movement of the control lines and protector itself up to 30 metric tonnes axial force
  3. Able to stand lateral force up to 20 Metric Tonnes
  4. Able to stand up to 3 Metric Tonnes rotational force
  5. Protectors can be run with tubing coupling side by side or two protectors side by side
  6. Speedy installation and prevents cross threading
  7. Also available for safety valves, cross-over, sliding sleeves dual special clamps

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