Venue : Lexis Port Dickson
Date : 1 st December 2018

Purpose of management meeting :
Management meetings can be used for a variety of administrative purposes, from exchanging information to making company-wide announcements and conducting team-building exercises. To be effective, management meetings should have a detailed agenda, a time limit and a designated moderator. For best results, hold regularly scheduled meetings to ensure staff accountability and participation.

The objective of a management meeting is to provide updates, deliver announcements, solicit feedback, share information and participate in a team environment.

Generally speaking, management meetings are opportunities for everyone in a company, or for members of a specific department to assemble and speak in person about various aspects of business management that can’t be easily discussed via email. It’s an opportunity to meet face-to-face, catch up, brainstorm and have group discussions. Other objectives for things that might be covered at a staff meeting include:

  • Progress reports
  • Department updates
  • Announcements of new hires or promotions
  • Program status reports
  • Project management updates
  • Earnings announcements
  • New policies or procedures
  • New clients or contracts
  • Awards or recognition
  • Upcoming events


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