Kuala Lumpur (Dec 16): Petroclamp Sdn Bhd (Petroclamp), a subsidiary of Petrogroup Sdn Bhd (Petrogroup) was awarded by PETRONAS as one of the panel contractors for the Provision of Completion New Technology Equipment and services contract. This 5-year term contract is one of many PETRONAS efforts in encouraging new technologies application in Malaysia in terms of Operation Optimization, Reservoir Performance and Well Integrity. This includes all operators in Petroleum Arrangement Contractors (PACs). Petrogroup is proud to announce that these new technologies have been accepted in this contract:

1. Autonomous Inflow Control Valve (AICV) in partnership with Inflow Control AS
2. Interventionless Precision Valve (IPV) in partnership with Precision Oil Tools
3. Slimline Downhole Cable Protector by Petroclamp
4. DrillRdillo Expandable Scraper (DRD) and Defuse High-Speed Reamer (DHSR) in partnership with Odfjell Well Services

These technologies has been applied successfully out of Malaysia with outstanding track records in it’s value creation. Azizi Hamzah, Petrogroup’s chairman said, “the contract will contribute positively towards company’s revenue in the next 5 years. We are confident that the technologies will help Petronas and the PAC’s to operate at cost efficient manner especially in their completions operation. AICV for example has been run by one of the operators in the Middle East since last year and has helped them to control water and gas breakthrough in their oil well up to 90%. This figure is far more superior than current competitor in the market.” For more information on the products, please contact us at sales@petrogroup.com.my.


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